Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well here we are, a brand new year staring us in the face. Resolutions? Nope, I haven't made any. I should probably go on a yarn diet, (and a food diet, as far as that goes), but I'm not in the mood to start today. I've been off work all week, and just enjoying sleeping late, watching movies, and knitting. I'm going to pull the wheel out today and do a little spinning. I received my NEW Knit Picks needles yesterday, and pulled them out and got them all organized. It's nice to have them back. I missed them.

I do have some things to look forward to in the upcoming year. In a couple of weeks I'm going to fly again. I haven't flown since the spring of 2001, (didn't enjoy it then), and said I would never fly again after 9/11. I'm also planning a trip out to Colorado in June to visit a good friend, and possibly hit the Estes Park Wool Market. I guess it's not so much a fear of flying, but more a fear of hitting the ground really hard that has kept me from flying. I've come to the conclusion that we really have no say when it comes to our time to leave this plane of consciousness. While plummeting to the ground in a blazing fireball is not the way I would choose to go, I realized that we don't really get to choose. After all, there are many things that are much more dangerous than flying, like driving home on 85 in rush hour traffic. Life is a journey, and I've decided it's time to kick back and enjoy the ride!

I'm teaching more classes at Knitch this year. I'm really excited about it! I have a Learn to Knit class in January, and I'm teaching my first sweater class in February and March. It's a simple knit-from-the-top-down raglan for folks who already know how to knit, but are just sure they could never knit a sweater. I'm here to tell them they can! Now I just need to come up with some more classes for spring. (ideas?)

I have my 30 year high school reunion coming up this year. Not sure if I'm going or not. I really haven't kept up with anyone I went to high school with. It seems like I knew everybody back then, and now I look through the yearbook and wonder, "who are these people?", and "what's with the hair!?". I may go anyway. It would be a good way to visit with my parents too. They're not getting any younger. (as my mother keeps reminding me)

I have another milestone coming up this year. My 20th wedding anniversary is on September 30th. WOW, 20 years! It hasn't always been easy, but then nothing worthwhile rarely is. I just hope the next 20 are as good as the first. (or possibly better)

So that's it for now. If I were going to make a resolution today, it would be to blog more regularly. For those of you who do not blog, it's really a lot of work. I always feel like there should be lots of pictures, and it should be very entertaining, and sometimes I'm just not in the mood. Then I realized this blog is for ME. So you may see me blogging more in the upcoming year. There may be fewer pictures, and it may not always be entertaining, but I hope you'll come back and read it anyway.

Take care,


Janice in GA said...

Happy New Year!

I went to my 10th and 30th high school reunions. I didn't see most of the folks I'd've liked to see at the 30th. They were all so different from me that I didn't have much to say to anyone. Any number of the women were GRANDMOTHERS, for Og's sake. It's marginally interesting to see how everyone's changed, but for me, that was good for about 30 minutes, max.

But I'm not really Ms. Sociality anyway. :)

Knit Witch said...

Happy New Year!!!

Jane said...

Woo Hoo! Happy New Year, Steve! Hopefully, we'll both make it to Estes this year. I'm already plotting. My husband is making me go on the vacation from hell with his family in February, so he owes me big time. See you Sunday!

Jackie said...

Glad to see you're back to blogging. Your 2/9 post was one of the first posts I ever read on a knitting blog (I started knitting Jan 08). All that yarn just astounded me!

Happy New Year!

The Chickengoddess said...

Happy New Year! I didn't go to ANY of my high school reunions. I didn't like anyone I went to school with, and I really don't care what happened to them. School was all about the diploma, then no looking back. I don't think I have ever heard any of my friends give a favorable account of their reunions. And it's tough when you're a goddess. People get so jealous. And who would watch the chickens while I was gone?