Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Movie quote meme hints

OK, there are four movie quotes that no one seems to know, so I'll give you a hint. I'll tell you the name of the actor or actress that said them. You still have to guess the movie.

#4 Tim Robbins
#8 Billy Crystal
#9 Ruth Gordon
#10 Steve Martin

Sorry, no knitting content today. Working crazy hours for the upcoming Mother's Day holiday. I need to change the title of my blog to "Famous Steve wishes he had time to knit!" I am knitting the scarf from the cover of Knitting New Scarves, by Lynne Barr. (the book ia a lovely birthday gift from my friend Nell) I'm using the Manos Silk Blend. What a wonderful yarn to work with! Come to Knitch and get you some! The scarf will be a shop sample, so come by and see it when I'm done. I have SO MANY things I want to knit! Especially some new sweaters for moi, but next Wednesday, I will be attending my first, (in many, many years), Weight Watcher's meeting! And, of all the places this meeting could be taking place, it will be in one of my favorite places of all! Knitch! So I really dont want to start knitting XXL sweaters, since I plan on being more of an XL next winter. Of course, I do have many other things to work on.... finish the lace shawl for Nancy, start the lace shawl for Beth, start that second pair of socks, start some baby stuff for Shirley to take to Berea, knit some scarves for John to sell in his shop this winter, not to mention the pile of stuff that has fallen into the dreaded pit of UFOs, that I have almost completely forgotten about! (almost....)


micah said...

I'm pretty ready o finish ANYHTING. I just need to focus on a single UFO and perhaps I'll get there. We'll get a rainy day eventualy, that'll help.

Claudia said...

Good luck with the Wednesday meeting - I know you can do it. I can't start with a healthy diet in Germany - DUH - but I will when I get back. Can't wait to see your scarf and all the other projects. Hey - if #8 is Billy Crystal - could the movie be "Harry and Sally"? Miss my famous Steve over here in Germany - not even the hint of a replacement in sight!!!

J.P. said...

It is just the coolest thing that y'all are having WW meetings at Knitch! I like my meeting, but it would be so much more fun if it were in a knitting store!

How is it going for you?